Fun + educative sessions for kids and adults

Theatre Workshops are a wonderful way to impart and exchange information about performing arts.

We at YouAndMe believe that this experiential process should be implemented  not just to teach theatre, but to make use of the time, energy and space to-

  • explore new experiences
  • convey  relevant information to make a difference in the lives of participants
  • address issues related to society and self

In our experience so far, these workshops have been very successful in terms of achieving whatever the objective has been. At YouAndMe, the core of our motivation to reach out to people has been Adhyatmic Theatre. Our workshops too contain snippets of the ocean of knowledge that we Indians are born into.

Our workshops as per requirement. We have -

  • Group sessions for acting and backstage
  • Group sessions for issue / cause based theatre intervention
  • Individual (one-on-one) sessions for stage and screen acting
  • Individual Behaviour Psychology-based programs