Genre: dramatic humour
Duration: 90 mins
Language: Kannada |  English

‘Vaave’ is artistically interpreted as ‘Unclear Relationship’. A middle-aged couple and their daughter. Nothing unclear there. But when vague longings of the soul pull people in different directions, relationships undergo a churning. There is an un-identifiable itch we cannot scratch, because we do not know whence it came. We don’t know what will bring us steady happiness. Do we have clarity in our relationship with ourselves? Vaave is a high-octane drama woven with a lot of what we like to call ‘Life Humour’

The Bet

Genre : Psychological drama, humour
Duration : 105 mins
Language : Kannada  |  English

Based on Anton Chekhov’s short story of the same name, ‘The Bet’ takes an unflinching look at the human psyche, deconstructs it at the level of ambition and ego and lays bare the souls of two individuals inhabiting disparate worlds of thought, the the backdrop of an outrageous bet.

Whose Apple is it Anyway?

Genre : Satire
Duration : 15 mins
Language :  English

3 self-entitled beings – a cockroach, a four legged carnivore and a two legged omnivore, a.k.a. human being, fight for an apple that each claims belongs to them. A strange being who stumble into the situation is made the judge to decide whom it belongs to. The judgement leaves them open-mouthed and red-faced.

A metaphorical play, of how earth tolerates the idiocy of its inhabitants, it is an enchanting musical that makes us think about whether the earth belongs to us or if we belong to it. This was performed at the Tortilla Theatre festival 2016

Hee Haw!

Genre : Childrens play
Duration : 15 mins
Language :  English

Based on the evergreen Panchatantra, it is a popular fable of a donkey that bemoans its status of donkey-ness. An engrossing tale of self-esteem and doing what is in your nature, hee-haw debuted at the Tortilla Theatre Festival