We live in an age when students are increasingly feeling alienated from their academics. In the year-long rat race for marks, students have lost the joy of learning. It is a constant struggle for the parents to keep the kids motivated amidst the stress and strain of school life which allows little or no time for their personal development. Now more than ever, we must remember the age old saying "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!"

Enter dramAcademics!

Poster for dramAcademics program

dramAcademics is a unique theatre program designed by YouAndMe theatre with a vision to bring together the fun of theatre and the textbook curriculum. It is designed specially for students aged 8-10 years. This program delivers the important concepts from the textbooks in a fun and interactive way using theatrical activities, performances, role plays etc. The objective is to make learning an unforgettable experience while removing the stress that comes with academics. This way, students will be able to enhance their learning capabilities and reproduce it when the time comes for examinations.

dramAcademics 2019-20 (Deccan International School)

Our first run of the dramAcademics program with Deccan International School, Padmanabhanagar was a huge success and was received positively by students and parents alike. The program culminated in the performance of a play "Parliament of Elements" by the students of the program. This play combined the concepts of Chemistry and Political Science and saw multiple shows ar Deccan International School and Vyoma Artspace and Studio Theatre.

Hello Drama - Melodrama

A quote about theatre

'Children's theatre is no child's play!'

Since our inception, children's theatre has been one of our major focus points. We firmly believe that it is important to inculcate the habit of watching and participate in theatre among children from their elementary years. It is our vision to give all the children we work with a wholesome and memorable experience of theatre. In this endeavour, we are offering a year-long theatre making program for the students of classes 6, 7 and 8.

Introducing Hello Drama - Melodrama

Poster for Hello Drama - Melodrama


This is a unique program devised for middle school students that gives the students valuable insights into theatre. Hello Drama - Melodrama is not merely an acting course for students; it also introduces them to the other departments that work behind-the-scenes tirelessly towards putting up a theatrical show.

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