“If you take a child to the theater, not only will they practice empathy, they might also laugh

uproariously, or come home singing about science, or want to know more about history, or tell you

what happened at school today, or spend all dinner discussing music, or learn how to handle conflict, or start becoming future patron of the arts”  - Lauren Gunderson 


 Philosophy: Theatre is a safe space to express emotions in a healthy manner. Theatre not only teaches the value of art, it also inculcates the qualities of empathy, better understanding of values & morals and the ability to communicate better. 

We believe, children’s theatre is no child’s play. 



Apart from full length professional productions, we are constantly working on developing performances for children. In an era where there is a huge dearth for stories designed especially for children, we work towards giving the children an unforgettable experience that makes them want to come back to the theatre.

Play : Whose Apple is it... Anyway

Using a combination of Puppetry and Live actors, this childrens’ play speaks about peaceful co-existence of all beings, in the backdrop of a Vikram-Betaal story.  

 Performed at -

Dum Duma Dum - Childrens Theatre Festival - Atta Galata

Tortilla Theatre Festival - Alliance Francaise

Vyoma Artspace and Studio Theatre

Just Books, Sahakarnagar

Number Nagar - Gubbalala


Play : Et tu OH2! or How I stopped being an ass and learned to hug water.

It is the year 2050. The sky is devoid of clouds. Lakes and wells have been dry for years. Humans are dying of thirst. They are desparately looking for Paani, who has long disappeared from Earth. It is only after a lot of struggle and running around that they realise the value of Paani and resolve to keep Paani close.
Loaded with action, songs and dance, this play is not only a fun outing but also a thought-provoking eye opener for children, teens and adults alike.

Whose apple1
Stage&Backstage - Theatre Tour
vikram betaal puppet
Watching the play in action
Whose apple is it anyway?

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