The premise "Theatre is for EVERYONE" excites us to no end. It is understood and proven time and again that theatre caters to the in all stages of the human needs.

Maslow's pyramid of human needs accurately shows the structure of our existence and the image here - the contribution of theatre in adding value to human life. At every stage, every moment.

Enriching and Enhancing lives 


The ancient Indian texts goes beyond the external needs of human existence, that identify the 5 layers / dimensions of the human existence. Panchakoshas are discussed in the Brahmanandavalli Chapter of Taittiriya Upanishad which is a part of the Taittiriya Samhita of the Krishna Yajur Veda and in which particular chapter is discussed ways and means to achieve Brahman. It gives a detailed description of the dimensions of human personality or the dimensions of the Self.

These have been referred to, in the Natyashastra, which is considered as the foremost text (dated around 200BCE) on the art of performance. This text divides the overall act of performing into Angika, Vachika, Aaharya and Satvika - which draws upon the dimensions of human existence.

The image indicates the parallels drawn between the two and the relevance of Theatre [performing arts] in enriching over overall existence on the earth.

Theatre's impact in the PanchaKoshas
Theatre's impact in the PanchaKoshas

What Is Applied Theatre?

With theatre holding such a crucial role in enhancing our living and thinking, for every human being, Applied Theatre is what happens when the techniques of drama and theatre are used for a particular group of people to address an issue of concern.  Applied Theatre focuses on questioning, discussing, and addressing the issue, also possibly creating a public performance. Participants come together to use various techniques such as role-playing, improvisation, tableaux work, and other interactive theatrical methods in order to inspire dialogue, foster education, and enact change.

applied theatre

YouAndMe Theatre's


We work towards this purpose of enriching lives of people from all segments of the society, by creating programs, workshops and unique experiences through theatre that have specific take-aways in the areas that the group is looking for.

Groups we work with:

School children | College students | Working professionals | StartUps / Entrepreneurs

Senior citizens | Parents | Couples

We intend to Reach out to all with the programs in theatre that cater towards building -

Emotional wellness

Essential Life skills

Business Skills

Physical fitness


Leadership & team-building

Social/Inerpersonal skills


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