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It is a unique theatre program designed by YouAndMe theatre with a vision to bring together the textbook curriculum and the fun & skill-building of theatre. It is designed specially for students aged 8-12 years. This program delivers the key concepts from the textbooks in a fun and interactive way using theatrical activities, performances, role plays and creative writing. The objective is to make learning an unforgettable experience while removing the stress that comes with academics. This way, students will be able to enhance their learning capabilities and remember academic concepts through the experiential aspect of theatre.

This idea was incubated at IIM, Bangalore.


YouAndMe Theatre has previously conducted this program with well-known schools in Bangalore and it has been received with high acclaim by students and parents alike. The program included -

Play watching, performances, theatre-based activities & interactive discussions

Now, with its online version, the latest chapter of dramAcademics brings this series of short plays written by children, published as a book!

Plays are based on -

  • The Human body, digestive & circulatory system
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Birds & Animal Kingdom
  • Trees & Nesting habits of birds
  • Insects and Bugs, body, food & behr
  • Cactus, Marigold, their environment
  • Tigers and their behaviour
  • Organs of the body
  • Surface of the moon
  • BUY BOOK :
  • Price : Rs. 150/- (venue pick-up)
  •  (For Delivery, Additional Rs. 50 for domestic postage/courier)
  • Reference Code : BKDL
Childrens Book
  • -Creative Writing exercises taught in state-of-the-art writing schools
  • -Techniques to come up with Story Ideas
  • -Creating well-rounded Characters with Goals and Obstacles.
  • -Five-Step Playwriting Structure (Derived from the Seven-Step professional short film writing structure taught in film schools)
  • -Constructing Scenes & Writing Dialogue



With a Foreword from well known actor, director & writer PRAKASH BELAWADI and the launch by stage and TV actor, director and writer SN SETHURAM along with Prof. Suresh Bhagavatula (IIMB, NSRCEL) the book launch was successfully held on 6th December at VYOMA Artspace and Studio Theatre

book launch
  • BUY BOOK :
  • Price : Rs. 150/- (venue pick-up)
  • (For Delivery Additional Rs. 50 for domestic postage/courier)
  • Reference Code : BKDL

Photos of the Book Launch

Online Science Drama by the kids

  • Dis-Organ-ized
  • (Text book themes - Organs of the human body | surface of the Moon)