The Joy...

If there ever was a better place…….a better time.
Having fun with a purpose. Theatre goes far beyond just the spectacle before your eyes. Regardless of whether you are a part of the stage or the one viewing it, theatre works in you more than you realize. To gain and nurture that realization, that’s what we’re here for.
Now you see it, now you don’t. That is theatre in a nutshell. Fleeting yet forever, we want to be a part of this. To inspire and to uplift you who has come to watch us. And us? We are in it for the joy of theatre.

There is always something new cooking in the YouAndMe corner. Whether it’s for the young and old, the corporate world or the ones still in school; Theatre sees no age and neither do we. Innovation and Creativity have always been our specialty. All our programs have been centered around it. Each one with a unique flavor of its own, serving a specific purpose. To us theatre brings to life things that are not. Ideas that begin in the mind and reveal itself before the eyes.
We strive to inspire through our work. Regardless of what the present situation has thrown at us we have brought theatre to you – digitally. Check those programs out! What can we say? The show must go on!


The Stage,The Screen. To you we’ll impart the skills of performance

Breaking up the textbook monotony with the magic of theatre

Enriching education experience for Children through Theatre

Discover the Art of Writing for Film through our screenwriting course

YouAndMe Children's Wing

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Kid’s thrive in play.
They ​have unlimited possibilities and the ability to surprise and surpass us as adults!Here are programs by us meant for children making sure they learn while having the time of their lives. JACKPOT!

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Adhyatmic Theatre

Let the Books of Old Be Opened!

There isn’t an expiry date on ancient literature. In fact, the nuggets of wisdom and values has for long been hidden while, passing the test of time. In what we would like to call ‘Adhyatmic Theatre’, YouAndMe blends treasures from the Indian wisdom with theatre

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Applied Theatre Landing pg

Applied Theatre

Thinking theatre is nothing more than entertainment?

Hold that thought! We introduce to you Applied Theatre. Customizing the theatre experience making it relevant for all.We work towards creating experiences through theatre that have specific take-aways in the areas that the group is looking for.


Vyoma Artspace and Studio Theatre

An empty space and a creative mind. The possibilities.

A intimate performance space to conduct anything really!
*Black Box Structure
*Theatre lights
*Wheelchair access

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