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The Joy...

It's all live, It's all now, and it's gone! It is probably unique to theatre that it is fleeting yet forever. A simple expression of wanting to be a link in this magnificient chain. To hopefully administrator to you, a few shots of inspiration and upliftment. You, who has come to watch me. And me? I am in it, quite simply, for the joy of theatre. Hence,

YouAndMe Joined in Theatre

Tan ta daan!

YouAndMe children's wing

We believe that children have unlimited possibilities and the ability to surprise and surpass us as adults!

We have a number of programs meant for children that are holistic - combining fun and learning for an unforgettable experience.

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Adhyatmic Theatre

Unique approach of YouAndMe, blending treasures from the Indian wisdom with theatre

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theatre people

Applied Theatre

We love to customise  and make theatre relevant for all.

We work towards creating programs, workshops and unique experiences through theatre that
have specific take-aways in the areas that the group is looking for.


Vyoma Artspace and Studio Theatre

An Intimate performance space in South Bangalore

Black Box Structure


Theatre lights

Wheelchair access


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Next Steps...

For more information about YouAndMe Theatre and our activities, or to know how you can be a part of our team, get in touch with us , NOW!